Made to Grab&Go while at work.
Watch out for crumbs on your keyboard!
Freshness & Convenience.
Made to Grab&Go!
Made to Grab&Go during discussions
We’re always happy when there’s good food around!

Created by a bunch of busy people who are always hungry

We understand the hustle and bustle of city life and it is for that very reason that Grab&Go was created.

Tasty ‘on-the-go’ treats for that rumbling in your tummy

Carefully sealed to retain MAXIMUM FRESHNESS because we understand the importance of a tasty yet HEALTHY diet. And if you’re like us, people who’s tummy seems to have a different preference every day, do not fret! Our sandwiches are available in TEN gourmet varieties. All to pamper that pampered tummy of yours

Why You Should Grab&Go

FRESHLY made with garden-fresh produce, HYGIENIC as it is sealed using a special technique to retain maximum freshness & cleanliness

Carefully Sealed
roast beef_side_lores

We GUARANTEE you a safe & healthy bite every time you Grab&Go. How you ask? Well that’s because ALL our sandwiches are carefully sealed using a special sealing technique that keeps bacteria and harmful pathogens away from our sandwiches!


When  carefully sealed, finely balanced gas mixes slows down the product’s aging process that results from deterioration, spoilage and rancidity. All this so YOU CAN REST EASY whenever you Grab&Go.


The sealing technique slows down ongoing biological processes, thus providing preservation WITHOUT requiring the ADDITION of HARMFUL chemical preservatives. That being said, you now know that our sandwiches are carefully sealed to retain maximum freshness and to keep those pesky bacteria’s away.

 It’s also made with crisp garden-fresh produce that will leave you thinking you’re enjoying a sandwich directly at the farm.

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