Segar dan Praktis.

Itulah Grab&Go!


Tuna Pedas / Asian Tropical Tuna

Our special mix of herbs & spices transforms this tropical tuna sandwich to a whole new level of Asian. One for all your fish lovers

Tuna Telur / Tuna & Egg

For all you fishy people! Eggs mixed with tuna with some added mayonnaise for that added flavorful delight and some crisp locally grown romaine lettuce & tomato to keep it fresh.

Telur Mayo / Egg Mayo

Choke full of eggs topped with mayonnaise, sinfully delightful Thousand Island dressing and fresh romaine lettuce. A definite fan favourite!

Ayam Mayo / Chicken Mayo

The basic concept of chicken and mayo kicked up a notch with a healthy dose of wholemeal bread for that extra fiber and the freshest locally grown vegetables!

Daging Sapi / Roast Beef

Sandwich with a beefed up beefy twist ! Soft white bread with beef slices coupled with some vegetables , mayonnaise and cheese , just for fun cause who does not love cheese ?